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How to Heal From trauma :-

;>The emotional brain has first dibs on interpreting incoming information.


:>Sensory Information about the environment and body state received by the eyes, ears,
touch, kinesthetic sense, etc., converges on the thalamus, where it is processed, and
then passed on to the amygdala to interpret its emotional significance.


;>This occurs with lightning speed. if a threat is detected the amygdala sends messages to the hypothalamus to secrete stress hormones to defend against that threat.


:> The neuroscientist Joseph Le Doux calls this the low road. The second neural pathway, the high road, runs
from the thalamus, Via the hippocampus and anterior cingulate, to the prefrontal cortex, the rational brain, for a conscious and much more refined interpretation.


~>This takes several microseconds longer.


รท>If the interpretation of threat by the amygdala is too intense, and/or the filtering system from the higher areas of the brain are too weak, as often happens in PTSD, people lose control over automatic emergency responses, like
prolonged startle or aggressive outbursts receives from the thalamus faster than the frontal lobes do, it decides whether
Incoming intormation is a threat to our survival even betore we are consciously aware of the danger.

By the time we realize what is happening, our
body may already be on the move.

The amygdala’s danger signals trigger the release of powerful stress hormones, including cortisol and adrenaline, which increase heart rate, blood
pressure, and rate of breathing, preparing us to fight back or run away.

Once the danger is past, the body returns to its normal state fairly quickly, but
when recovery is blocked, the body is triggered to defend itself, which makes
people feel agitated and aroused.


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