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Tips to Stay motivated :-,

Tips To Stay Motivated

Motivation is the drive to achieve your goals or needs.

Reward yourself when you have completed a step or goal.

How can I stay motivated?

Here are some tips:

  • Regularly review your goals and progress. Seeing progress is a great motivator in itself, and also improves your self-esteem.
  • Continue to set new goals. Think about what you want to achieve next week, next month and next year. Tackle one goal at a time so you donโ€™t feel overwhelmed.
  • Keep the momentum up. It takes most people about 2 months to develop a new habit, but for some people, it can take much longer. Keeping the momentum and routine helps it feel more automatic over time.
  • Find mentors, for example, someone you look up to who is experienced in the habit you want to change. Finding social or support groups with the same interest can help you find a mentor.
  • Surround yourself with positive people. Positive friends and family enhance your positive self-talk. This also helps to manage the symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • Use exercise as one of your daily goals to improve your mental health.

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